Gabor's Guidance to Practical Spirituality


Gabor Harsanyi and Nurit Oren share what they have learned as a result of the devastating fire in their apartment. For information on Gabor and Nurit please visit –


Conscious Relationships

Anna Lena Eldoey Nygaard interviews Gabor Harsanyi and Nurit Oren about their experience of being in a conscious relationship and about the effect that awakening could have on parenting. For more information on Gabor and Nurit please visit

The Magic of Ayurveda


A delightful exchange between awakening guides – Susanne Marie and Gabor Harsanyi – about their teachings and perspectives on awakening and “spirituality” (for lack of better word)… joined by Canadian musician, Pierre Richard and author, Nurit Oren. For information about Susanne, please visit For information about Gabor, please visit

Speaker and author, Nurit Oren, shares some tips on how to deal with negative emotions that come to the surface following awakening. This is in response to a comment that was written by Sarvin on a previous video on Nurit’s channel called “Jesper’s Awakening.” For more information on this topic see videos and publication found on

Jesper’s Awakening

In a conversation with Nurit Oren, Danish musician, Jesper Hovedskou, shares his awakening experience having applied the advanced practices that Gabor Harsanyi (Hungarian Awakening Coach) demonstrated for him in a previous video (see YouTube video – “How to Make Presence Permanent”) For information about Gabor, please visit – Gabor’s book “Functional Silence: De-mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted” is now available on Amazon –…

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