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A delightful exchange between awakening guides – Susanne Marie and Gabor Harsanyi – about their teachings and perspectives on awakening and “spirituality” (for lack of better word)… joined by Canadian musician, Pierre Richard and author, Nurit Oren. For information about Susanne, please visit For information about Gabor, please visit


Speaker and author, Nurit Oren, shares some tips on how to deal with negative emotions that come to the surface following awakening. This is in response to a comment that was written by Sarvin on a previous video on Nurit’s channel called “Jesper’s Awakening.” For more information on this topic see videos and publication found on

Jesper’s Awakening

In a conversation with Nurit Oren, Danish musician, Jesper Hovedskou, shares his awakening experience having applied the advanced practices that Gabor Harsanyi (Hungarian Awakening Coach) demonstrated for him in a previous video (see YouTube video – “How to Make Presence Permanent”) For information about Gabor, please visit – Gabor’s book “Functional Silence: De-mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted” is now available on Amazon –…

Danish musician, Jesper Hovedskou, asks Gabor Harsanyi how to make presence permanent in his life. Gabor offers and demonstrates new and advanced techniques to assist in the integration phase of one’s practice of presence. He also expands upon some of the topics that are covered in his book – “Functional Silence: De-mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted”. The book is now available on Amazon –… For information about Gabor, please visit his website – To have your question/s answered by Gabor and recorded on video, please write to:




Functional Silence Reloaded

Canadian musician, Pierre Richard, asks Gabor Harsanyi questions about Gabor’s book “Functional Silence: De-mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted” and how to apply the teachings of this book and incorporate them in his daily life. This enlightening conversation brings about clarity and deepens the understanding of the main ideas found in the book. It is very handy for those who have already read it and a great preparation for those who have yet to read this great guide for awakening. The book is now available on Amazon –… For information about Gabor, please visit his website – To have your question/s answered by Gabor and recorded on video, please write to:

Author/public speaker, Stefan Hiene, speaks with Hungarian Master of Silence, Gabor Harsanyi, about Gabor’s book “FUNCTIONAL SILENCE: De-mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted.” In his playful yet deeply inspiring way, Stefan is able to bring out some of the hidden treasures of this book, as Gabor sheds light on the key ideas and teachings that this book offers to those who are sincere about leaping beyond duality.

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Gabor Harsanyi is an awakening guide who initiates awakening and access to one’s true being. He gives practical tools and instruction to deepen and integrate a new platform of living as a conscious being. Gabor’s teachings are based on the premise that awakening is everyone’s birthright and is not meant for just a select few.

“I enjoyed very much meeting and interviewing Gabor. It is always really inspiring to meet someone who has had such a challenging path and in spite of so many obstacles, is able to find peace and wisdom and finally start to rest in the ground of being. I felt that with Gabor.” Iain McNay, founder of Conscious.TV (London, UK)

“When I had the privilege of looking into Gabor’s eyes, I looked into the eyes of an ageless child, the eyes of innocence. The child within me felt totally seen with unconditional love. No story, no judgment, just this very pure moment. I feel blessed to know Gabor and Nurit. They are treasures of pureness.” Stefan Hiene, author, spiritual mentor and coach (Stuttgart, Germany)

“I’ve known Gabor Harsanyi for over a year and I come away from each of his sessions feeling elated and expanded. It’s such a pleasure, and he brings the best out of me… I experience my deepest nature in his presence. Gabor is a rare teacher, who transmits wisdom through laughter. He’s totally down to earth and much like your next-door neighbor, except that he can cut through old conditioning and beliefs with radical precision. His practices are clear and simple. For myself, spiritual talk that doesn’t include tangible insights that can be applied to my own life, is not inspiring. Gabor goes beyond concepts and philosophy! This is his force and he cuts through to the heart.” Pierre Richard, Musician (Montreal, Canada)



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